Convert Outlook to Entourage Steadily and Effectively

Here's how to convert Outlook to Entourage, quickly, without losing your precious data, and without any other issues that generally plague email migration.

There was a slightly issue with my life last week. I got a brand new Mac and installed Entourage. The trouble was that my data was in Windows Outlook database, in offline folder inside Pst files. And I had no ways to bring it or transfer them to Entourage.

Pst file format is  basically defined by Wikipedia as an open proprietary file format used to store copies of messages, calendar events, and other items within Microsoft software such as Microsoft Exchange Client, Windows Messaging, and Microsoft Outlook. PST file refers to personal storage file that Windows outlook uses. Outlook stores all the data into a PST file in Windows Environment.

In Windows Outlook, all the email messages, contacts, attachments, tasks, calendar, and other items are stored on a mail server or on computer offline. The ones stored in computer are called Outlook data file – PST.

convert outlook to entourage
PST Extractor Pro By USL Software
Microsoft Entourage was an email client by Microsoft in October 2000 for Mac OS 8.5 or higher. But then it got replaced by Microsoft Outlook for Mac in 2011. It is still being used by many Mac users, who purchased it back then before Mac outlook was released.

The users who want to switch from Windows OS to Mac OS face a big challenge of shifting their email client data among two different email clients made for two different operating systems. One such popular case is transferring from Windows Outlook to Entourage when switching to Mac from Windows PC.

I had to export the email data from Outlook to Entourage by converting PST file to Entourage supported file.

And that's when I was really struggling, I found Pst Extractor Pro.

It is a tool that has helped many users worldwide. Fortunately, PST Extractor Pro is not priced high, as other similar tools in the category are. Additionally, The company offers free trial version for the users that may not be confident enough to put their money at instant risk.

It has a straightforward interface. There is a button to load your Pst files, then you can choose the folders you want to convert, and simply choose “Entourage” from the output format. You are done within a minute, depending on the size of Pst file. You can also choose multiple Pst files at a minute.

I was very much taken back by its simplicity and power. I never had expected that “Pst Extractor Pro” would make the task so right easy and smooth.

If you want to try it, click here to download its free trial version. 

Here are the top three features of Pst Extractor Pro -

  1. Preserve text in all languages – If you work with non-English content, you might be worried about losing them. Stop it. Pst Extractor Pro preserve all your Unicode (non-English content). 
  2. Preserve folder hierarchy- Expect to find the same order of your folders and sub-folders as it was in windows Outlook. 
  3. Preserve Message attachments and nested messages

Give it a try today.

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