how to export Mac Mail to Outlook Pst - With No Hassle

Here's the solutions you all requested about the problem – how to export Mac Mail to Outlook Pst – that someone posted on the comments on one my older articles.

I wrote an article about the difference in Mac and Windows a while back. It attracted a considerable amount of attention from my readership. The article was about the process of moving away from Mac and Windows after a long use of Mac computer. I dealt with most types of data. I also talked about the Windows alternative of the top Mac applications.

I missed one important aspect of such a shift – email data. And one of the readers pointed out the same in the comments section, which attracted a lot of responses. And it turned out that many people were interested in knowing how to export Mac Mail to Outlook Pst in an easy and efficient way.

Here's the original comment -
“Hi there. I truly appreciate this article as I am myself trying to make the shift to Windows. Although, I don't have much important data in Mac itself, but I do have a lot of emails stored in Apple Mail under my Gmail account. But the issue is that that the data is not in my Gmail server. They were stored offline. I am using Windows Outlook now in my windows computer. You didn't address this issue of email migration in this article. It would be incredibly useful for me if you can simply drop in a small comment here and let me know of the best solution.”
The responses of these comments were very helpful. But they all felt short in one aspect. They were incredibly confusing to actually go through. And the person asking the question didn't really go through them.

So don't worry. I did not decide to drop in and answer you in one simple word to suggest a solution. Instead, I decided to write this.

The main challenge as it is quiet obvious is the change in operating system. Apple Mail and Windows Outlook quiet clearly operate in different ways. They use different file systems and structure for storing content. Mbox is the primarily used format for storing all the content in Apple Mail, and for Outlook, there is Pst format.

So naturally, it gets hard for any tool to extract the data from Mbox and put it into Pst in a way that can be read efficiently by Windows Outlook. But a while ago, I myself stumbled upon a tool to make this happen easily, quickly, and most importantly, very accurately. The tool did not only convert the data to Pst file, but did it in a very thorough fashion.

I am not really sure how it works, but I know that it works. And I wouldn't be hesitating to recommend it to anyone who wants to export Mac Mail to Outlook Pst.

You can download its limited edition for free. This limited edition will convert only 10 items from each folder inside Apple Mail to Pst, just to let you know that it works accurately, and it is something that you need. Later, you can register for the paid license and unlock its full intentional.

The tool is called “Mail Extractor Pro”. Let me quickly summarize some of its best features that are worth knowing.
export Mac Mail to Outlook Pst

Easy GUI – no matter where you fall in the skill level of computer expertise, you can use it if you know how to send and receive emails. It is that easy.

Everything is converted – The quality that is clearly seen is by the results. And the results are almost 100% accurate with the tool. That means, every kind of data, item, information, and meta-data that are stored in Mbox files or Apple Mail database will be converted to Pst files for Windows, without exception.

Mbox file is optional – You don't really need to archive your Apple Mail data to Mbox. You can simply let the tool auto-load the data directly from the installation folder of Apple Mail where everything is stored inside “Mail” folder. Although, if you do have Mbox file, you can choose to do it manually.

Additional Note:- One person was interested in knowing how to convert Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac. Although that is for entirely different post, I want to point out right here that Outlook 2016 can now export Pst files as well. So, if you are moving away from Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 for Mac, you can still use “Mail Extractor Pro”.

Once again, this is the link ( to download its free limited edition.


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