Outlook 2011 Export to Apple Mail – Finally a Solution That Actually Works

If you are frustrated trying Outlook 2011 Export to Apple Mail, here's the solution that actually works.

I was moving away from Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail. So I started trying to perform Outlook 2011 export to Apple mail format. But I soon realized, it doesn't work like that. Apple Mail supports Mbox file format, and Outlook can't export that. It can only export emails, contacts, and calendar items in Olm format, which is not supported by Apple Mail.

Quickly, I found the solution on internet that can let me transfer the data effectively. I hadn't even imagined that such a solution (tool) could even work.

So the tool I found has a simple premise for email migration.

You are going to need Olm files for that. Then you load those files into the tool, choose your folders for conversion, choose “Apple mail, mbox” format, and click 'convert'. Pretty simple, right?

You could try many other manual methods, like dragging and dropping email folders from Outlook 2011 into the desktop. That automatically converts the files into Mbox format. You can also try to create IMAP accounts, add that account into both Apple mail and Outlook 2011, and then sync the data through online servers.

If you are new to all this, let me tell you that those solutions mentioned above can make your nights sleepless. They are so slow, difficult, and time consuming that it is not worth going down that road.

That is why this tool becomes even more worthy. It is called “Olm Extractor Pro” and you can download it here. Downloading is free. With that edition, you can convert only 10 items from each folder inside Olm file to Apple Mail Mbox format. To unlock for unlimited conversions of items, register for the paid and full license.

So what makes it different from those manual solutions I named above? During my experience, I found these features/qualities to be the most impressive.

Saves you a lot of time- it is unbelievably quick. The conversions happen with a very fast rate, I converted my data pf 10 GB in 50 minutes. Also, it lets you load multiple Olm files and convert them all into Pst in one attempt. So that also helps in saving time, otherwise converting each Olm file to Pst would be time consuming.

Unlike others, it is just surprisingly ease to – The GUI is user-friendly. The instructions are clear. And every feature is nicely laid into its interface that the whole process will make intuitive sense. If a non-expert user like me can use it, so can everyone else.

Accuracy of data to the single bit – The biggest concerned I had was incomplete migration, loss or modification of data. A big thanks that it didn't happen. Every single item from Olm file was converted to Mbox without any sort of changes or loss.

Give it a try. You can download it here.

One additional point is that “Olm Extractor Pro” does not only convert Olm to Mbox, but it can convert Olm files to many other popular formats, such as Eml, and Rge format.

It helped me in ways I didn't even imagine. I was sure that this whole task would take endless hours, and would result in incomplete migration. I was wrong. I hope you also find this tool as useful as I did.


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