Now convert Apple MBOX to Outlook PST like a pro with this tool

This is an article to educate you about how you can convert your Apple emails into Outlook Mac or windows. I would first like to introduce you to the tool that you can use for such kind of conversions and then would take you through how to convert Apple MBOXto Outlook PST.

Want to know how to convert apple MBOX to Outlook PST?

Now the software that you can use to convert your Appleemails into Outlook Windows or Mac is the Mail Extractor Pro. This software has some excellent reviews. It has some features that make it step out from others. The development team at the USL software has done an excellent job in bringing forth the tool that is so easy to use and extremely accurate and efficient.
convert apple MBOX to Outlook PST

How can we use the tool?

·        Step 1- To get the tool you need to visit the online website that is On this website, you can either purchase the tool or if you like you can also use the trial version of the software. Do not worry the trial version has all the features as you would get on the purchased version. This is one of the things that makes it exceptional from others.

·        Step 2 - Once you are on the website download on the link given to download the trial version and install it on your Mac.

·        Step 3 - Once the installation is completed you can open the tool and extract the email folders that you would like to convert into PST file. If you do not want selected folders but the entire emails then you can simply click on autoload to do the same. The added benefit of using this tool is that you do not have to always upload the MBOX file formats. You can directly extract the folders from the email itself.

·        Step 4- After selecting the folders and files that you would like to convert click on the convert tab. Once you click on convert tab you will be asked to give the desired location to save your output PST file. After giving the desired location for saving your PST file you can also select the output size of the PST file that you would like. This feature is specially given because when people have a large database, a large PST output file is obtained from the tools available in the market. But with the Mail Extractor Pro, you can limit the size of the output PST file. This makes it easier for the users to import files to Outlook windows and Mac.

·        Step 5- After you have completed all the steps the tool will start to convert your inbox files into PST format. At any point in time if you feel that you do not want to continue with the conversion and extraction process or if you feel you have selected the wrong folders you can abort the process. This is another feature that does not require you to go through the entire process of conversion.

·        Step 6- You can tick or untick on the empty folder. It also gives you the option to neglect the empty folders. This way the extraction takes less time and also the output PST file is confined to important data only.

This is how you can convert apple MBOX to Outlook PST.

Want to test the free trial of the tool? Click here.


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