Ost to pst converter free download full version

Ost to pst converter free download full version

One of the tops OST to PST converter is the OST Extractor Pro. This new amazing conversion tool has swept the market with a boom. In no time it has bounced on the top of the charts. It has some of the top features that no other converter in the market has and that is the reason that it stands out among all.

Ost to pst converter free download full version

What are the features it so special?

Here are the few features that make the OST to PST extractor Pro so special and different from each other.

OST Extractor Pro works on both Windows and Mac.

There are few of the packages in the OST Extractor Pro suite that allows the software to work on both kinds of the system that is on the windows system as well as on the Mac systems. So if you are amongst the people who use both kinds of systems then buying this software is a win-win situation for you. It is also good to go for people who are working as professional for
repairing the computer or in the similar organizations.

Same license work on both Mac and Windows.

Now if you buy this package that is compatible with both that is windows and Mack then you need not worry about juggling both the license. The OST Extractor Pro gives you the same license for both the systems. This means now with the same license you can log on to both the system and start working. Now no more need to remember two different licenses.

Convert into multiple output formats.

The OST Extractor pro doesn't keep you fixated on converting the files to only one format. It gives you the freedom to see and recover the OST files to multiple formats. This is also one of the features why the users prefer to use the OST extractor pro software.

Unlimited email account conversion.

When you go for the upgraded packages of the OST Extractor pro you get to use as many emails as you like to convert the OST files. This feature is good for the people who own a start-up or for large organizations. But nothing to worry, if you are a single person and want to use this software. The company brings to you the individual software package also. For such package, you need to pay a minimal amount.

Lifetime license, Pay once use forever.

There no annual fee or subscription. Once you pay for the package then the software is yours for a lifetime. You need not worry about renewing the software again and again. It is like the one-time investment that you make.
Read More at https://www.uslsoftware.com/convert-ost-to-pst/ 
Here were the five amazing features that make the OST Extractor Pro so famous on the
internet and amongst the different users. This is one of the best software that you can use to convert your OST files to PST for free. Go get your software today and start recovering.


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